Technical Description

Skuldra is built on a general framework specially designed for new modern web applications. The technology is based on well-known components and developed according to best practice.

Here is a selection of important components Skuldra consists of:

Bank ID

Authentication and authorization via mobile bankID. Used to sign proxies for clients when starting an investigation.


All proxies are signed and stored at Verified.


Information is stored in an encrypted database behind firewalls. Sensitive keys, login details are stored in keyvault.


Skuldra follows current laws regarding the storage of information within the country's borders and follows the legal recommendation developed in consultation with the GDRP lawyers.


Skuldra has an API that follows the REST standard with Swagger and GraphQL support. All authentication is done via Oauth2.


Built-in support to support one or more customers in one installation. Possibility to share database or separate database per customer if desired.

Business model

Possibility to have several tenants and offer different subscriptions depending on functionality. User interface for managing tenants, functionality and subscriptions.

Language support

Built-in support for multiple languages, currencies and date formatting. Dynamic language management interface with support for right to left based languages. (RTL support)


Setting of system functionality via interface, ability to customize appearance and functionality on your own.


Real-time chat and messaging systems between users and system owners.


Finished UI components such as calendars, date pickers, data tables, timelines, icon libraries. The platform is based on the front-end framework Metronic. It is easy to customize based on graphic profile with colors, shapes, fonts and logos.

Modular design

Modular and expandable. Provides a clear infrastructure to easily build your own modules on.

Articles about Skuldra

Skuldra – Aid for budget and debt advisors

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Company information and contact

Skuldra AB
113 66 Stockholm
Phone: 0702-00 25 54