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Skuldra assists you in helping overindebted people so they can get in get in control of their private finance and embark on a journey to become debt free.

Together, we can reduce suffering, prevent creditlosses and generate great social gains.

Why use Skuldra?

Digitalization of debt information collection

Skuldra's digital debt summary supports municipal budget- and debt advisors as well as creditors with customers who struggle to pay their debts. Our service help save resources and frees up time for more qualified advice and proactive work in debt advisory department. For creditors, Skuldra provides significant efficiency gains and can help reduced credit losses as well.

Better, proactive advisory

When someone in debt takes the courageous step of seeking help, quickly gaining insights into their financial situation and devising a roadmap towards enhanced solvency becomes paramount. The automated gathering of debt information not only streamlines the process but also empowers you, as a budget and debt advisor, to invest your time in delivering valuable, expert advice to your clients. Prompt action and guidance are pivotal to improving financial situations. With Skuldra, you can concentrate on implementing proactive measures to prevent your client's situation from deteriorating further.

Shorter processing times

Obtaining a comprehensive overview of the financial status of an over-indebted individual can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Skuldra streamlines this entire journey, automating the process from debt inquiry to the compilation of debt data and seamless integration into the Swedish Consumer Agency's system BOSS+. With Skuldra, processing times are significantly reduced, benefiting individuals seeking debt advice. As a budget and debt advisor, you can swiftly attain a thorough understanding of the debt landscape with minimal effort.

For debt collection agencies and other creditors, Skuldra revolutionizes the handling of debt inquiries originating from budget and debt advisors nationwide. This automation not only saves valuable time and resources but also enhances the likelihood of prompt and complete debt repayment.

Enhanced security

Currently, municipalities in Sweden employ varying processes for debt investigation documentation, with some using manual methods like paper and mail, while others rely on email or phone. Skuldra introduces an efficient and secure workflow, ensuring a standardized and effective process while minimizing risks associated with data security. Information exchange is protected through an information power of attorney, and sensitive data is transmitted securely with strict access controls, enhancing overall security.

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